Red Kap Polos Under $16

Red Kap has a fresh, innovative line of polos with new fabric and styles. Our breathable fabric offers wicking to keep you cool and dry. Not only are they durable, but they are also lightweight and offer a more modern look. Account managers are standing by to help you find exactly what your team needs. Getting started with ServiceWear Apparel is easy. With 16 different styles offered, we are sure that you will find the perfect match for your team.

Check out all our exciting styles by downloading our helpful guide below.

The number one name in station wear is now available from ServiceWear Apparel.

We are proud to offer Workrite® Fire Service Workwear, the recognized leader in FR station wear.

Workrite® Fire Service Workwear offers an added layer of NFPA 1975-compliant flame-resistant protection with the latest contemporary designs. It uses real-world insights in every fit, feature, fabric and function; and goes beyond providing comfort to ensuring confidence.

Now, Workrite® Fire Service is proud to be joining forces with the world’s most trusted FR and PPE brands as part of Bulwark® Protection, offering over 300 years of combined experience in FR and exclusive access to the most extensive FR education and training in the industry.

Seeking the ultimate selection of uniform looks, lines and labels? Looking for apparel advances that better solve your team’s biggest problems? Hungry for the latest information, advice, training and guidance?

Workrite® Fire Service, powered by Bulwark® Protection, is your one-stop safety solution. For more information, please download our catalog.

The Harsh Reality of Rentals

Did you know that even though uniform rental companies require laundry services, they count on you to not fully utilize them?

Even when your employees do not turn in your garments, you are still paying for laundry services. Studies show as many as one-third of your employees simply choose not to do so, week after week; but you still are paying.A few other reasons purchasing workwear from ServiceWear is superior to renting are:

  • We provide easy to understand billing and fixed annual pricing.
  • Your employee’s workwear is a reflection of your brand; allow them to take pride in their uniform and what it represents.
  • You can avoid the high temperatures and harsh chemicals that deteriorate both the appearance and comfort of the garments.
  • ​​​​​​No contract or long-term commitment is required – ever.

Why should your agency choose to purchase workwear versus renting?

The answers are simple – purchasing workwear saves money, ensures quality, creates pride of ownership, and avoids unnecessary long-term constraints. Renting apparel takes a toll on budgets, and uniform quality suffers over the term of the contract.

To learn even more reasons why purchasing workwear from ServiceWear Apparel is better for your agency than renting, download the guide below.

Keep your drivers focused on the job, not their workwear.

Red Kap® is built to deliver job-inspired performance – giving transportation workers unequaled flexibility and freedom of movement without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Elevate your brand and boost your team’s performance. Your business, and your team, are always in motion. Red Kap® ensures your team is free to focus on the job at hand, not their clothes. Red Kap® with MIMIX™ revolutionizes uniform apparel by providing optimum mobility and comfort for physically active workers, while providing an elevated, professional image for your brand.

For everyone in transportation, check out all that we offer with Red Kap® workwear and let us help you and your team elevate your brand, stay protected and boost productivity.  

We all want to be noticed. For some, it is a must.

Whether running heavy equipment on a construction site or repairing a pot hole on a highway, thousands of workers are exposed to potentially harmful working conditions every day.

It is essential that these workers can always be seen to avoid serious or fatal injuries on the job. Red Kap® offers a variety of visibility apparel products, which meet American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards, making workers not only safe, but compliant.

Click below to get your Red Kap® Hi-Visibility Garments from ServiceWear Apparel.

COVID-19 Update

Dear Friends, Fans, and Customers of ServiceWear Apparel:

We are thinking of you while we all go through these unprecedented times.  While most of our associates are social distancing and working remotely, we want to let you know we are open for business.  At this time, distribution is not impacted, and inventory levels are high. We do not anticipate delays or problems in receiving or fulfilling your orders. Below is a message from our primary manufacturing partner, VF Workwear, detailing their current status, plans and preparation.

We stand ready to help and hope you won’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything you need.

Thank you!

Jim Burnett
Chief Development Officer

For all of us, it has been an interesting time period due to Coronavirus.  While the news cycles can be unsettling, I want to assure you that VF Workwear is prepared and is in good shape to service you just like you expect.  We have been around since the early 1900’s and with that comes a lot of experience in dealing with all types of markets, good and bad.  We know how to handle short term disruptions (9/11, Great Recessions) and come out of them ready to service and support you.  I thought you might like to have a little more insight into our preparations and planning during this time period.

Current Status

  • There are no cases of Coronavirus in any of our offices, distribution, or supply chain.
  • A majority of manufacturing and distribution operations are up and working normally with no cases of the virus. 
  • The majority of our associates are working remotely as a precautionary step.  But, we have long since planned for a work at home time period and have extensive platforms to handle it.  You, our customer, will not see any change in service or connectivity due to this.
  • We are in good overall inventory shape and set to handle a slowdown of product creation.  To be clear, product slowdown is limited to rare cases on product coming from Asia at this point.

Planning and Preparation

  • We are always planning and preparing for the future.  This time period is no exception.
  • There are multiple scenarios with actions plans developed for the Supply Chain, Distribution, and all other areas.
  • Our associates are practicing smart hygiene and coronavirus prevention techniques. 
  • Finally, we are using a lot of common sense to continue to service you well.
  • While none of us knows the duration or depth of the impact of coronavirus, VF Workwear is in good shape and expects to fully service your needs today, tomorrow, and in the future.
As always, thank you for your business.

Best Regards,

Chris Holcombe
President, VF Workwear

Because safety is a priority for every job.

Protection that keeps up with demand

We know that your team works in hazardous environments, and they need to be protected against all of the various risks they may face—whether that’s arc flash, intense thermal events such as flash fire, or other hazards like combustible dust. That’s why Bulwark Protection offers PPE clothing that will provide comfort and safety for general industry electricians and manufacturing facilities workers.

No matter where your work takes you, if you and your crew are exposed to hazards associated with electrical energy, you need to be properly protected. Bulwark Protection offers a wide range of PPE clothing and resources that will keep your team protected and prepared, for whatever job needs to be done.

By definition, Bulwark means a protective wall. So, when you see the triangle on your left, trust you’ve done everything right. Because with Bulwark, you are armed – literally and figuratively – with the world’s best. ServiceWear Apparel prides itself for assisting companies in keeping employees safe. Let us help you provide the best in Bulwark FR workwear for your employees.

Huge Savings for School Districts

ServiceWear Apparel offers school districts significant savings on workwear.

ServiceWear Apparel, a proud supplier with OMNIA Partners, offers school districts access to our largest discounts and most competitive pricing. ServiceWear Apparel also offers industry-leading selection and quality, and one-on-one service from our account management team you just won’t find elsewhere.

Let us do the work.

We know that your time is precious. Our Account Managers work directly with your buyers and departments throughout the entire process. They’ll recommend products, send samples, help define emblem needs and assist with setting up your account and placing orders.

Save over 42% on workwear.

OMNIA Partners participating school districts have access to our most competitive pricing — a savings of 42.5%. Plus, our fixed annual pricing provides simplicity, along with transparency.

Over 75,000 styles available to you.

ServiceWear Apparel offers over 75,000 styles, sizes and colors of uniform garments, with over 15 million pieces of inventory in stock. We distribute a comprehensive range of high-quality uniforms, work apparel and footwear from leading brands, including Red Kap, Horace Small, Dickies, Timberland and many more.

MIMIX Work Shirts by Red Kap®

By analyzing and understanding the relationship between movement of the human body and how clothing inhibits range of motion, Red Kap® has designed an apparel solution that increases freedom of movement without sacrificing durability. MIMIX™ revolutionizes workwear apparel by providing optimum comfort and mobility for physically active people. MIMIX™ flex panels are placed where the greatest impact can be made to your mobility, efficiency, and performance.

Check out all our exciting styles by downloading our helpful guide below.

We’ve Got Your Back

Red Kap® Crew Jackets

With our Red Kap® Crew Jackets, your team will be equipped to tackle any job, big or small. It’s has lightweight Stretch Twill Ripstop fabric providing added comfort and mobility. Also, the water repellent finish keeps liquids from penetrating.

OMNIA Partners members receive over 42% off of our retail price list, making these jackets a comfortable and affordable option for your team.

Our account managers are standing by to help you outfit your crew with our Red Kap® Crew Jacket, or can assist you with identifying other workwear your team may need. Getting started with ServiceWear Apparel is easy.