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The Harsh Reality of Rentals

Did you know that even though uniform rental companies require laundry services, they count on you to not fully utilize them?

Even when your employees do not turn in your garments, you are still paying for laundry services. Studies show as many as one-third of your employees simply choose not to do so, week after week; but you still are paying.A few other reasons purchasing workwear from ServiceWear is superior to renting are:

  • We provide easy to understand billing and fixed annual pricing.
  • Your employee’s workwear is a reflection of your brand; allow them to take pride in their uniform and what it represents.
  • You can avoid the high temperatures and harsh chemicals that deteriorate both the appearance and comfort of the garments.
  • ​​​​​​No contract or long-term commitment is required – ever.

Why should your agency choose to purchase workwear versus renting?

The answers are simple – purchasing workwear saves money, ensures quality, creates pride of ownership, and avoids unnecessary long-term constraints. Renting apparel takes a toll on budgets, and uniform quality suffers over the term of the contract.

To learn even more reasons why purchasing workwear from ServiceWear Apparel is better for your agency than renting, download the guide below.

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