We all want to be noticed. For some, it’s a must.

ServiceWear Apparel wants to ensure that these employees are noticed and stay safe. We offer a variety of Hi-Visibility and Enhanced Visibility apparel products by Red Kap and other major brands, which meet American National Standard Institute (ANSI) standards, keeping workers not only compliant, but more importantly, safe. 

Introducing the new Deluxe Hi-Visibility Color Block Soft Shell Jacket. It’s the perfect addition to any roadway uniform program.

This Type R Class 3 jacket is ideal for roadway workers such as flaggers, utility workers and survey crews, providing our highest level of visibility safety.

ServiceWear Apparel prides itself in not only assisting agencies in keeping employees compliant, but more importantly…safe. Click the link below to see all of our Red Kap Reflective garments.

New Dura-Kap® Flex Work Jean from Red Kap

If you’re looking for a work jean that promises more than durability, Red Kap Work Jeans deliver increased comfort to the wearer through our innovative stretch denim fabric. Not only do these jeans provide flexibility, they offer superior and an elevated look for your agency.

Dura-Kap® Stretch Denim compared to 100% cotton denim:

  • Provides more than 15% stretch.
  • Red Kap Denim is 10 oz. lighter.
  • Our Dura-Kap Flex Denim is more than 2 times stronger.
  • Red Kap stretch denim fabric dries 40% faster.

Also, the Dura-Kap® Stretch Denim is now available in a female style.

Download the handy guide below to learn more about the Dura-Kap® Flex Work Jean.

Pants that can walk the walk…

Red Kap’s Lightweight Crew Pant (PT2L) is the lightest weight pant on the market today. Not only that, the Crew Pant is made of ripstop fabric with a water repellent finish, making it incredibly durable. It also has wider and longer belt loops to accommodate a variety of work belts.

Red Kap added a full inseam gusset for more mobility, double-needle stitching for cleaner appearance and reinforced front pocket bags to help prevent common wear and tear. Invisible stretch waistband expands up to three additional inches for added comfort and mobility.

Our account managers are standing by to help you outfit your crew with Red Kap’s Lightweight Crew Pant, or can assist you with identifying other workwear your team may need. Getting started with ServiceWear Apparel is easy.

Stay Warm, Stay Safe with Fall Outerwear

Fall Outerwear. Stay Warm, Stay Safe.

Time to equip your team with
new fall outerwear!

As the seasons change, so do your employees’ jobs. Keep your team warm and refreshed everyday with ServiceWear Apparel’s high-quality fall outerwear, including jackets from Red Kap and Horace Small.

Fall Outerwear Jackets

Stay warm, stay safe.

Winter is coming quick, but you don’t have to sacrifice safety just to keep your team warm. We’ve got you covered with flame-resistant jackets from Bulwark.

Flame-Resistant Jackets

Your account manager is standing by to help you find exactly what your team needs. Browse from over 70,000 styles, sizes and colors of uniform garments and order now.

It’s Time for Summer Uniforms

Summer Uniforms

Prep for the season with new summer uniforms.

It’s time to start thinking about your department’s summer uniforms. Stay cool (both in temperature and fashion) with ServiceWear Apparel high-quality summer options from brands like Red Kap, Horace Small and Bulwark.

Summer will be in full force before you know it, so equip your team with uniforms that work for them, not against them. Our account managers are standing by to help you find exactly what you need — And with 6,000 customization options, you can be sure to find the perfect uniforms for your staff this summer.

Visit our website to browse over 70,000 styles, sizes and colors of uniform garments and order now.

Red Kap Short-Sleeve Bulwark Hi-Vis Vest Horace Small Cargo Shorts

Top Uniforms for K-12 School Facilities Management Departments

Facilities management departments for public and private K-12 schools are looking for comfortable, durable uniforms.

Top brands for school facilities management uniforms include Red Kap and Union Line. Take a look at a few options from each brand.

School Facilities Management Uniforms

Red Kap

Red Kap is the premium brand when it comes to work wear that works. They offer time-tested products that have been favorites for decades. Every product is designed with comfort and durability in mind.

 Men's DuraKap Industrial Pant Khaki      Men's Short Sleeve Industrial Work Shirt

Union Line

Union Line is committed to producing quality uniforms and work apparel with unmatched attention to detail.

Union Line Carpenter Jeans

Short Sleeve Tee Shirt No Pocket

More Facilities Management Uniforms

Click here to see more uniforms and work apparel for facilities management departments.

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Top Uniforms for Public & Private K-12 School Administrators

Administration employees at public and private K-12 schools are looking for comfortable uniforms and work apparel that convey a polished, professional image.

Top brands for school administration uniforms include Lee, Red Kap, Chestnut Hill and Devon & Jones. Take a look at a few options from each brand.

School Administration Uniforms

Lee Administration Uniforms

Lee’s twill shirts are perfect for the office environment with their casual but tailored look.

Red Kap Administration Uniforms

Red Kap
Red Kap offers shirts and pants in a broad variety styles, colors and cuts to ensure the right fit for every school administration employee. Garments feature elements such as ribbed, no-curl collars, easy-care finishes with stain release, wickable finishes, and longer tail lengths.

Chestnut Hill Administration Uniform

Chestnut Hill
Chestnut Hill shirts combine style and comfort, featuring top-notch materials, such as silky-smooth 100% Pima cotton poplin, and convenient wrinkle and stain resistant finishes.

Devon & Jones Administration Uniforms

Devon & Jones
Devon & Jones offers flattering fits and options that use quick-drying material that holds its shape and resists wrinkling.

More Administration Uniforms

Click here to see more uniforms and work apparel for school administrators.

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