5 Ways Landau Scrubs are Made Better

Landau scrubs v-neck tunic

When it comes to buying scrubs, agencies have countless options. But if high-quality fabric, flattering construction and durability are important to your employees, Landau scrubs are the only choice.

Keep reading for 5 ways Landau scrubs and uniforms are superior.

1. Better Fabric

Every roll of fabric is tested for durability, shade consistency and color-fastness before it is put into production. When fabric doesn’t meet Landau’s quality standards, it is discarded and passed along for use by other scrubs manufacturers.

2. Better Color

Landau has developed a proprietary dyeing and finishing process for color-fastness, ensuring every uniform garment is vibrant. Landau’s goal is to make sure every color in their collection has flawless consistency from garment to garment.

3. Better Design

Landau was the first company to introduce a full spectrum of colors and prints to their collection. A talented in-house design team combines trends from the fashion world as well as customers in the working world to create stylish, flattering pieces that fit comfortably.

4. Better Construction

Landau patterns are engineered for maximum comfort and range of motion. They’re comfortable to wear whether you’re sitting, standing, walking or bending.

Landau creates their own patterns and fits samples to real healthcare and nutrition professionals of all shapes and sizes. The result is uniforms that are comfortable and flattering.

Often, other manufacturers will simply add to the measurements of a garment to increase the size. Landau scales their scrubs proportionately, to get the best fit for every body shape.

5. Better Quality Control

Details matter. That’s why Landau meticulously inspects every roll of fabric, every single style they design and every single garment they sew. And when our scrubs are finished, they go back and inspect them one more time.

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