3 Reasons to Purchase Rather Than Rent Uniforms

Should you purchase or rent uniforms?

You need cost effective solutions for all your uniform needs. So should you purchase or rent uniforms? In an effort to cut costs, you may have, or be considering, a uniform rental contract.

Keep reading for three reasons to purchase rather than rent uniforms.

Should you purchase or rent uniforms?

1. Rental contracts charge fees for adding new employees.

There is normally a prep or setup charge to add every new employee hired during the term of the contract. This is an added cost for laundry to pull garments out of inventory and add a laundry tape to the garment.

Five changes of pants and shirts require eleven sets to be used. An average setup charge is $1 per garment. Twenty-two garments at $1 each results in a $22 setup charge per employee.

Purchasing uniforms often eliminates this added cost.

2. Rental contracts charge fees for size changes.

A fee of $1 to $2 per garment is charged when an employee requests a change in size during the term of the contract. Keep in mind that a rental contract usually ranges from three to five years. Almost all employees have at least one size change during that time span.

Purchasing uniforms means that the employee not only gets a new uniform each year, but can also order their correct size without penalty.

3. “Under-wash” means you pay for laundry services that weren’t performed.

One of the highest ancillary expenses when using a rental uniform contract is paying for something called under-wash. Under-wash refers to an agency being charged fees for weekly rental and cleaning services that are not performed, due to employees not turning in their uniforms to be cleaned.

Why does this happen? Many employees forget to bring in their uniforms, are sick, or are on vacation on pick-up day. Also, many employees prefer to wash their own uniforms at home for personal hygiene reasons.

It is reported that the average number of employees within rental uniform programs who do not turn in their uniforms for cleaning ranges from 30% to 33%. This means that as much as a third of the cost of a uniform rental contract may be billed to agencies with no return for that investment.

Purchasing uniforms eliminates this added cost.

Purchasing uniforms is the most cost-effective solution.

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