Vote Now for the 2017 Workwear MVP Award

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Congratulations to the finalists of the 2017 Workwear MVP Award!
Below are the finalists. Vote for the Workwear MVP you think deserves to win $1,000 grand prize and $1,000 worth of uniforms for his or her agency.

Trey Schneider | Prince William County Service Authority, VAIf the Prince William County Service Authority were a rock band instead of a water utility, Trey Schneider would be its crowd-pleasing front man.
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Ruben Reyna | Los Angeles County Fire Department, CAWith over 28 years of service, Ruben Reyna not only cares about those in his community but also makes sure that his fellow staff has all the workwear need to perform their duties safely.
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Paul Piccirilli | Roswell Fire Department, GAChief Paul Piccirilli has been the driving force behind his fire department getting much needed, state-of-the-art equipment to educate his community about fire safety and prevention.
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Andrew O’Neill | Spring Lake Heights Police Department, NJThe past Father’s Day, Sgt. Andrew O’Neill left his family to work a shift at the police department, but soon discovered it would not be a normal day.
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Jeffrey Neville | Bishop Airport Police FNT, MIAfter a near fatal knife wound to his neck by a terrorist in his airport, Jeffrey Neville refused to give up detaining the threat until the click of the handcuff was heard.
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John Paul Dorais | Meriden Police Department, CTOfficer John Paul Dorais has built meaningful contacts within his community that has yielded information that has prevented crime and enhanced the quality of life for the residents of the City of Meriden.
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Susan Briggs | Valhalla Ambulance Corps, NYSusan Briggs is not only a Nurse Practitioner turned EMT, but also a business owner, that is dedicated to the education of EMS health care, so that volunteer EMTs may helps those that need it most.
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Garrett Bell | Inland Empire Utilities Agency, CAGarrett Bell wears his uniform with pride and shares a passion for his job of making sure the 850,000 residents in Southern California have water…everyday.
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Jeff Barker | Hobbs Municipal School, NMIn the past 27 years, over 189,000 students have benefitted from Jeff Barker’s attention to detail and excellence to service at Hobbs Municipal School.
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Vote now, vote often. 
Vote now until August 4. The winner will be announced August 10.

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