Wrangler Workwear Uniforms: Built for Active Workers

Wrangler Workwear Brand Uniforms

ServiceWear Apparel is proud to offer Wrangler Workwear uniforms to your agency through our U.S. Communities uniform contract.

No other uniform brand has features built specifically to bring comfort and ease of mobility to physically active jobs. Let’s take a look at some of those features:

  • Underarm Gussets offer greater range of motion.
  • Backside Pleats expand to provide more room when reaching and stretching.
  • Inseam Gusset gives added comfort when bending, squatting, lifting or climbing.
  • Action Elbows provide increased range of motion where you need more mobility.
  • Workwear Canvas is strong and durable while still being comfortable.

Wrangler Workwear Uniforms

Wrangler Workwear offers a full line of products – including work shirts and jackets and work pants and shorts – designed to offer comfort and mobility for active workers.

Click here to see our most popular Wrangler Workwear products.

To find out how Wrangler Workwear uniforms can be part of your government uniform program, complete our Get Started form.

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