2017 Workwear MVP Winner Andrew O’Neill

From left to right, Zachary Ramp, President of the Spring Lake Heights Uniformed Police Association, Jim Burnett, Chief Development Officer, ServiceWear Apparel, Sergeant Andrew O’Neil, 2017 ServiceWear Apparel Workwear MVP Award Recipient, Congressman Chris Smith, (4th) New Jersey, Stephen Maxwell, Group Vice President, National IPA

Congratulations to Sgt. Andrew O’Neill from Spring Lake Heights Police Department in New Jersey, the official winner of the 2017 Workwear MVP Award.

This past Father’s Day, Sgt. Andrew O’Neill left his family to work a shift at the police department, but soon discovered it would not be a normal day. That day, Andrew became a true hero to another father, whose heart inexplicably stopped beating and he collapsed in front of his wife and two children. Andrew led his team to eventually save the man’s life.

Read Andrew’s winning nomination. Andrew wins a grand prize of $1,000 in cash, plus an additional $1,000 worth of apparel for his agency.

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