Because safety is a priority for every job.

Protection that keeps up with demand

We know that your team works in hazardous environments, and they need to be protected against all of the various risks they may face—whether that’s arc flash, intense thermal events such as flash fire, or other hazards like combustible dust. That’s why Bulwark Protection offers PPE clothing that will provide comfort and safety for general industry electricians and manufacturing facilities workers.

No matter where your work takes you, if you and your crew are exposed to hazards associated with electrical energy, you need to be properly protected. Bulwark Protection offers a wide range of PPE clothing and resources that will keep your team protected and prepared, for whatever job needs to be done.

By definition, Bulwark means a protective wall. So, when you see the triangle on your left, trust you’ve done everything right. Because with Bulwark, you are armed – literally and figuratively – with the world’s best. ServiceWear Apparel prides itself for assisting companies in keeping employees safe. Let us help you provide the best in Bulwark FR workwear for your employees.

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