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Government Agencies

Eligible Participants

Through its contract with National IPA, ServiceWear Apparel offers workwear and work apparel to satisfy the needs of a broad range of government agencies and nonprofits.

 Cities, Counties, States, Schools & Nonprofits

City Agencies

Animal care services, aviation, convention centers, downtown operations, energy, fire, EMS, fleet maintenance, health, housing authorities, management and administration, parks and recreation, police, public works, solid waste management

County Agencies

Sheriff, jailers, corrections, public works, food and nutrition services, transportation, facility management and maintenance, healthcare and medical, administration, security

State Agencies

State police, DOT, corrections, state parks, education, agriculture, environment and conservation, agriculture, emergency management, housing, attorney general, tolls, motor vehicles, EPA, fire marshall, health and human services, high speed rail authority, port authorities, public power, public utility districts

Schools: K-12 and Higher Education

Administrative staff, food and nutrition services, transportation, facility management and maintenance, healthcare and medical, administration, security, PTAs, PTOs, special events, fundraisers, book stores



Amateur sports, arts and culture, boosters, music and sports, camps, historical societies and related historical activities, humanities, media and communications, museums, Olympics, performing arts, physical fitness and community recreation, recreation or social clubs, scouts, sports training, visual arts


Animal protection and welfare, botanic/horticulture activities, environmental beautification and open spaces, environmental education and outdoor survival, humane society, pollution abatement and control, specialty animals and other services, veterinary services, wildlife preservation and protection, zoos and aquariums

Health/Human Services

Addiction prevention and treatment, child and youth services, crisis intervention, day care, emergency assistance (food, clothing), emergency medical services, family services, half-way/transitional houses, hospitals, housing authorities, housing support services, mental health treatment and services, nursing homes, personal social services, public health and wellness education, reproductive health care, rehabilitative medical services, residential/custodial care, temporary shelters

Public Benefit

Business services, community/neighborhood development, community coalitions, community service clubs, consumer rights/education, economic development (urban and rural), foundations, legal services, public policy research, public utilities, transportation systems, trust/endowments


Churches, missionary societies and related religious bodies