State of Connecticut
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State of Connecticut Statutes

Connecticut Statutes
Title 7 Municipalities
Chapter 98 Municipal Powers

Sec. 7-148cc. Joint performance of municipal functions.

Two or more municipalities may jointly perform any function that each municipality may perform separately under any provisions of the general statutes or of any special act, charter or home rule ordinance. Each participating municipality shall approve any agreement entered into pursuant to this section in the same manner as an ordinance is approved in such participating municipality or, if no ordinances are approved by such participating municipality, in the same manner as the budget is approved. The terms of each agreement shall establish a process for withdrawal from such agreement and shall require that the agreement be reviewed at least once every five years by the body that approved the agreement to assess the effectiveness of such agreement in enhancing the performance of the function that is the subject of the agreement. As used in this section, "municipality" means any municipality, as defined in section 7-187, or any district, as defined in section 7-324, located within the state of Connecticut.

Sec. 7-187. Definitions.

Whenever used in sections 7-188 to 7-193, inclusive:

(a) "Appointing authority" means the body having authority to appoint a charter commission, charter revision commission or home rule ordinance revision commission, which shall be the board of selectmen of a town not having a council or board of directors, the council or board of directors of a town having such a council or board, the common council or other body empowered to make ordinances of a city or the board of burgesses of a borough;

(b) "Commission" means any such charter commission, charter revision commission, or home rule ordinance revision commission;

(c) "Home rule ordinance" means any ordinance or resolution which has been adopted by a municipality prior to October 1, 1982, in substitution for a special act relating to its government, which ordinance or resolution may contain the provisions of such special act with or without amendments and which ordinance or resolution shall not be inconsistent with the Constitution of the state or the general statutes;

(d) "Municipality" means a town, city, borough, consolidated town and city or consolidated town and borough.