State of Indiana
Authorizing Statute

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State of Indiana Statutes

Title 36 Local Government
Article 1 General Provisions
Chapter 7 Interlocal Cooperation

IC 36-1-7-1

Sec. 1. This chapter applies to the following:

(1) The state.

(2) All political subdivisions.

(3) All state agencies.

(4) Another state to the extent authorized by the law of that state.

(5) Political subdivisions of states other than Indiana, to the extent authorized by laws of the other states.

(6) Agencies of the federal government, to the extent authorized by federal laws.

IC 36-1-7-2

Sec. 2. (a) A power that may be exercised by an Indiana political subdivision and by one (1) or more other governmental entities may be exercised:

(1) by one (1) or more entities on behalf of others; or

(2) jointly by the entities.

Entities that want to do this must, by ordinance or resolution, enter into a written agreement under section 3 or 9 of this chapter.