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Flame Resistant Station Wear

Those who lay their lives on the line for that difference deserve a uniform dedicated to the same end: protection without compromise.

We are proud to offer Workrite® Fire Service Workwear, the recognized leader in FR station wear.

Workrite® Fire Service Workwear offers an added layer of NFPA 1975-compliant flame-resistant protection with the latest contemporary designs. It uses real-world insights in every fit, feature, fabric and function; and goes beyond providing comfort to ensuring confidence.

Now, Workrite® Fire Service is proud to be joining forces with the world’s most trusted FR and PPE brands as part of Bulwark® Protection, offering over 300 years of combined experience in FR and exclusive access to the most extensive FR education and training in the industry.

Seeking the ultimate selection of uniform looks, lines and labels? Looking for apparel advances that better solve your team’s biggest problems? Hungry for the latest information, advice, training and guidance?

Workrite® Fire Service, powered by Bulwark® Protection, is your one-stop safety solution. For more information, please download our catalog.