ServiceWear Apparel seeks to recognize the men and women who go to work every day to make our cities, towns, counties, and neighborhoods a better place. These individuals put on their workwear or uniform before work each day, and provide a level of service to the public. Recognized by their peers and those who benefit, this individual goes beyond what is required or expected in their day-to-day job responsibilities. We believe that these unsung heroes of public service don't always receive the attention and recognition they deserve. This is why we are proud to sponsor the Workwear MVP Award.

Our 2018 Semi-Finalists

Robert Heussy

Union Road Volunteer Fire Department, NC

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Robert has been a member of Union Road VFD for about 13 years and has always gone out of his way to help those in need. One of his recent major accomplishments was starting the Fireman’s Faith Ministry, a non-profit organization that unites firefighters through fire and faith. While on mission trips to Honduras and Nicaragua, he saw how severely the fire departments there were lacking in safety and fire equipment. Robert established Fireman’s Faith Ministry, not only for pastoral type care, but to also help get equipment and serve those departments in need.

Over the last year and a half, Robert has collected used equipment from all over the US to ship to these fire departments in need. Robert has spent countless hours and money driving around from state to state, ministering to firefighters and picking up unused equipment. He has raised a portion of the money to pick up, ship and maintain this equipment. However, a majority of the money used has come from his own pocket. I believe that someone of his young age and caliber, to take on such an extraordinary task and to see it through, is going more than above and beyond. Robert is also extremely active within our department. He is assigned numerous job duties, which he takes great pride in completing each assigned task, and he does so promptly, without hesitation. I am humbled to know and work with someone of such dedication and high caliber.

Alicia Escobar

Monrovia Unified School District, CA

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Alicia single-handedly improved the Monrovia High School (MHS) cafeteria financial posture. The significance of her action has a most profound effect within the Monrovia USD, as the District deals with decreasing enrollment, which translates to less General Fund dollars to educate our students. Alicia’s contribution enabled the Food Services Department to remain solvent; therefore, the General Fund can be used to the maximum extent to educate our students.

In 2012, Alicia enabled the Monrovia Unified School District (MUSD), Food Services Department to become the partner of choice for Tzu Chi Great Love Elementary School, as she committed her team to developing a Healthy, Hunger Free and Kids Act 2010 compliant vegetarian menu for their K-5 school. At the apex of this community partnership between the Tzu Chi Great Love School system and MUSD, this endeavor generated an additional revenue stream of $5,000.00 per month. Alicia is the type of individual that any Director would benefit from having her on their team.

In August 2016, Alicia Escobar was promoted to Production Center Manager at MHS and immediately sent the operations into a MEGA metamorphosis. She crossed trained, empowered and inspired employees, seized control of the inventory, curbed substitute workers. She did so while preserving opportunities for the permanent CSEA members, invigorating the stagnant MUSD Catering Program, conducting on-the-spot audits, and reorganizing/streamlining the courtyard style service areas to increase operational efficiency.

In 2017, Alicia and her team whittled an enormous $150K debt down to $15K. She also sets a professional development example for her team to emulate, evidenced by earning a California School Nutrition Association Level III Certification. This certification signifies her commitment to this profession, ensuring National Professional Industry Standards that will keeps its future viable.

Maintenance Department

Whitley County Board of Education, KY

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Department team: Willie Powell, Joe Keith, Jacob Harp, Aaron Wilson, Robby Hamblin, Carl Faulkner, Benny Campbell, Chad Canada, Stacey Manus, David Myers, Bryce Gibbs, James Paul, and Carl E. Paul.

In the most imaginable thoughts, these men do so much! The department consists of a supervisor, an electrician, two HVAC techs, a sewage person, a woodshop maker, two plumbers and five ground keepers for the ball fields and campus. Each of them have job descriptions, but at any given moment, when any of the other men need help doing a job, the others are always there with no questions asked. Work starts for them at 6:00 am and ends at 3:30 pm every day.

Some nights or evenings they have been called out on emergencies. They drop all they are doing to continue keeping the school running and safe. These men are generous, kind and would bend over backwards for anyone. When the mowing is behind because of rain, the others help pick up the slack to get it done in time. When a freezer or a major air unit is down, they all pull together to get it up and running again for the comfort of our personnel and students. The school is employed with about 1,200 people, giving an idea of how many rooms in the school they keep running and the number of students and staff they keep safe.

Bryce Howell

City of Menifee Community Services Department, CA

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Bryce Howell is an amazing supervisor to his Parks Crew. Bryce was promoted to Supervisor, after establishing outstanding work habits, processes and standards in Menifee Parks as a Park/Maintenance Specialist. As a supervisor, Bryce has made our already beautiful parks, the envy of the region. The parks recently transitioned to a new city logo. Much of our funds have gone to park monument signs and other new branding material, instead of uniforms.

Knowing Bryce, he will probably try and purchase uniforms out of his own pocket. It would be great to be able to utilize this $1,000 prize to provide new gear for his staff, instead of Bryce having to use his own money. Bryce is an incredibly dedicated husband and father of two young children. He is a consummate professional who is always thinking of the greater good. Not just for the city, but the region, as well.

Dr. Rebecca Williams

Cleveland Humanities Magnet High School, CA

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Last year, one of our teachers retired after 36 years as the 12th grade coordinator. Many speculated that the program would not survive without him, as he was one of the architects of our program. Not only have we survived, but we are thriving because of Dr. Rebecca Williams’ leadership.

She had much trepidation about stepping into this role. However, she had a distinct vision of what the 12th grade would look like with her at the helm. With three new teachers on the team, she has made building camaraderie and collaboration her top priority. Dr. Williams ensures that each member has a voice in the planning and execution of the curriculum, and most importantly, that each teacher feels supported to teach the curriculum effectively. Communication has been the key. She plans weekly team meetings to discuss student progress, write essay questions, plan events and build rapport. She also meets with the new teachers to coach them through the rigorous curriculum, despite having a full teaching load of her own.

In addition to her leadership as the 12th grade coordinator, Dr. Williams is also an outstanding educator. In the program, all 12th graders are required to take AP English Literature. This requirement ensures that ALL students have access to AP classes. Having access is not enough, as students must also be able to succeed in these classes. Dr. Williams works tirelessly to ensure that each of her students is “AP ready,” which includes meeting with students during her breaks to offer additional support. She also coaches each of her 80 students through the writing of their personal statements for college admission. Dr. Williams goes beyond what is required or expected in her day-to-day job responsibilities, and she deserves to be recognized.

Donald Benson

Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation, FL

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With so many changes happening in the Parks & Recreation Department, Don has always stepped up to the plate. He has filled in for a supervisor out on medical leave without missing a beat. He did so while also filling in for the Senior Crew Leader, who was out on vacation. He treats his crew with respect by hearing out their thoughts and opinions, while pushing them to do their best. In addition, he has always been quick to get the repair issues addressed, even if the problem did not fall under his park. He will go out of his way to make sure the job is properly completed. If you have an issue with a repair, he will listen to you and do his best to get the repair done to your satisfaction. He is always willing to listen to any questions a customer or fellow employee has about a repair, and will take the time to show a fellow employee how to do the repair the right way.

Chief Lawrence Capps

Town of Knightdale, NC

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Chief Capps has moved up the ranks to become Chief, while still dedicating himself to providing the best service possible to the residents, visitors and families in Knightdale.There is a fine line between the public and the police department that must be followed. Chief Capps follows this to a tee. He is a fair and conscientious leader, and expects the highest level of service and commitment from everyone he has the honor of serving with and protecting. He volunteers for civic events, is an active instructor/teacher, an active member in his church, a remarkable friend and a great husband and father. He still finds time to continue his education and is constantly exploring options for departmental and self-improvement.

Marlon Medina

Calumet Memorial Park District, IL

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Marlon deserves this award for his dedication to the park district. He began eight years ago as a part-time maintenance employee, and over the years he has shown his dedication and service to the park district.

This past April 2018, he graciously accepted the Superintendent of Parks position and joined the upper management team. He works tirelessly, meeting all the demands of the recreation department, providing tables and chairs for events, keeping the 17 parks clean of trash. He also supervises four full-time unions, two salaried supervisors, 10 year-round part-time staff members, as well as, eight part-time seasonal staff. He leads by example. Marlon is often seen with a shovel in hand, working alongside his staff. He isn’t afraid of getting dirty, but rather that the job at hand is completed correctly and in a timely fashion. He is prompt at returning phone calls and completing tasks/projects given to him by his supervisors. He lives locally, and therefore, has agreed to be the on-call employee for the park district.

It is an honor to have a person like Marlon working for the park district. He is a true optimist, and it is his positive attitude that helps him accomplish whatever task he has been assigned. Marlon is a complete go-getter, who will go the extra mile to give his best to any project undertaken. Moreover, he is a leader amongst his peers, as he not only makes sure his work ethic is strong, but also encourages those around him to do their best. Above all his leadership qualities and achievements at work, what I admire most about him is that he is a good person, father and husband. His helpful nature is not restricted to matters of just work, but is extended to personal matters, too.