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OMNIA Partners Contract Price List

Request 2024-25 the OMNIA Partners Contract Price List

Our deeply discounted, fixed annual pricing provides many benefits to you and your agency. Please complete the form to download ServiceWear Apparel's pricing and product offering made available through OMNIA Partners. For further inquiries about pricing, please email info@servicewearapparel.com or call 1-833-739-0461.

In addition to our heavily discounted pricing, OMNIA Partners members benefit from:

  • No Upcharge on Oversizes (a 2XL, 3XL, even 6XL costs the same as a medium)
  • Free Pant Hemming (A savings of up to $2.00 per pair)
  • Free Shipping ($100 minimum order)
  • Free Setup of Artwork (Logos embroidered for only $6.15 each)
  • No user fees
  • Your bid requirements have already been fulfilled