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Streamlined Government Workwear Procurement

ServiceWear Apparel distributes high-quality workwear and work apparel from leading brands to fulfill the needs of public agencies. Our broad range of brands and products allows you to find the perfect garments for your government workwear program.

ServiceWear Apparel is the premier supplier partner of workwear and work apparel to the OMNIA Partners Government Purchasing Alliance. Our partnership with OMNIA Partners allows you to piggyback off of a competitively awarded contract, reducing administrative time and costs. Click here to learn more about our partnership with OMNIA Partners, and see how you can receive exclusive benefits from ServiceWear Apparel as a participant.

Why ServiceWear Apparel?

We Do the Work for You

When you get started with ServiceWear Apparel, our Account Management Team will work directly with your departments' representatives throughout the entire process. They'll send product samples, recommend products, have logos digitized, help define emblem needs, and assist with setting up your account and placing orders. We take care of everything! Learn more about our streamlined workwear procurement process.

No Nonstock or Oversize Charges

Additional charges for nonstock and oversize garments typically represent up to 30% of a workwear budget. Eliminate these additional costs by using the OMNIA Partners contract with ServiceWear Apparel.

Selection and Service

ServiceWear Apparel offers over 75,000 styles, sizes, and colors of workwear garments, with over 15 million pieces of inventory in stock. Our average turnaround time for a workwear order is under 14 business days. The industry average is typically 30-45 days.

Over 6,000 Customization Options

We offer over 6,000 customization options, including embroidery and emblem attachment, to ensure your garments accurately identify your agency. The OMNIA Partners contract also offers free pant hemming. Click here to learn more about our customization options.

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