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Garment Customization

ServiceWear Apparel provides a wide array of garment customization services that include artwork design, embroidery, monogramming, screen print/silkscreen, reflective and color striping, hemming, sewing and repairing.


Pant Hemming

Screen Printing


Once your company provides us with the artwork for your logo, we will digitize it at no charge, a savings of up to $500. This is just another benefit from ServiceWear Apparel. All embroidery is done onsite, eliminating quality control issues and delays in delivery.

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Pant Hemming

ServiceWear Apparel’s offers free pant hemming to all members of OMNIA Partners, a savings of up to $2.00 per pair.


Silkscreen/Screen Printing

Custom screen printing is available on a variety of products and fabrics. Numerous ink colors allow endless possibilities for logos and designs.


Reflective and Color Striping

Select from many trim widths, colors and placements to make your enhancements have the highest impact. Flame resistant striping is also available.