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OMNIA Partners FAQs

Find answers to some of our most common questions about OMNIA Partners. Don't see your question? Contact customer service at 1-800-578-9023 or use our contact form.

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Who is OMNIA Partners?

OMNIA Partners is redefining the future of cooperative purchasing. The cooperative purchasing organization is dedicated to serving public agencies and educational institutions nationwide. All cooperative agreements have been competitively solicited and publicly awarded by a public agency/governmental entity (e.g. state, city, county, public university or school district), utilizing the best public procurement practices, processes and procedures. The lead agencies are independent of the cooperative allowing the agency to be focused on the best value for the agency.

What are the advantages of participating in OMNIA Partners?

  • Contracts are competitively solicited, evaluated and awarded by a government entity acting as the lead agency.
  • Contracts are awarded utilizing industry best practices, processes and procedures, ensuring maximum value and absolute security with complete transparency of the process.
  • Most experienced cooperative team in public procurement, cooperative purchasing and supply chain management.
  • Founding Member of National Coalition for Public Procurement.
  • Robust portfolio of quality contracts.

Can my public agency use the program without going out for solicitation?

Yes, in most states. All agreements offered through OMNIA Partners have been awarded via a thorough Request for Proposal (RFP) competitive solicitation by a public agency/governmental entity (e.g. state‚ city‚ county‚ public university or school district). The contracting process is the foundation of OMNIA Partners and sets them apart from other cooperatives. In order for even the most restrictive agencies nationwide to realize the best value offered by cooperative procurement‚ OMNIA Partners ensures that industry best practices‚ processes and procedures are applied.

How can I obtain copies of the legal documentation associated with each competitively solicited contract?

Browse all of OMNIA Partners’s current contracts along with their current vendor here.

What does a public agency do to participate in OMNIA Partners?

Public agencies must register to participate. Registration is free!

How much does it cost to participate in OMNIA Partners?

There are no costs or user fees to the local agency to participate.

If there is a performance problem with a supplier, what steps do I take to resolve the problem?

First speak to the supplier representative, but if this does not work, contact a OMNIA Partners Regional Manager.

If our agency wants to use the OMNIA Partners contracts and buy from other contracts is that permitted?

Yes, all OMNIA Partners contracts are non-exclusive.