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4 Ways to Order, No Oversize or Nonstock Options, 6,000 Customization Options

How do I place an order with ServiceWear Apparel?

There are four flexible ways to place an order with ServiceWear Apparel:

  • Email your order to SWA@wwof.com
  • Fax your order to 1-866-358-2107
  • Place your order online at www.ServiceWearApparel.com
  • Call customer service at 1-800-578-9023

My state requires local governments to bid everything. Can local governments in my state use this program without going out to bid?

Yes. This contract has been competitively bid by a government agency. Region 4 Education Service Center (ESC) in Houston, Texas is ServiceWear Apparel’s lead public agency. Region 4 ESC is one of the largest regional education service centers in the nation, founded to assist school districts and charter schools in improving efficiencies and student performance. This contract (#R160801) was awarded on October 25, 2016 and all of ServiceWear Apparel’s current and future customers are eligible to “piggyback” off the contract under the cooperative OMNIA Partners.

When does ServiceWear Apparel's OMNIA Partners contract expire?

ServiceWear Apparel's contract is five years with two additional one-year options to renew.

Are there additional charges for oversized or nonstock garments?

Regardless of size, if the manufacture offers a wide range of sizes, you pay the same low price for all.

Is there a minimum order charge and are there additional freight charges?

There is a $100 minimum order threshold. There are no additional charges for freight.

Does ServiceWear Apparel offer garment customizations?

Yes! ServiceWear Apparel offers over 6,000 customization options, including embroidery, emblem attachment, monogramming, pant hemming and more. Over 300 dedicated customization operators embroider more than 1.6 million customized logos annually. See more of our customization options.

ServiceWear Apparel can create a logo from scratch or digitize and re-work an existing image. We offer a wide selection of thread colors constructed from a 60% poly/40% cotton blend that ensures vibrancy as well as colorfastness. Browse our embroidery gallery.

What if I order the wrong size garment?

ServiceWear Apparel will gladly take back garments that haven’t been washed or embroidered. If we send you an incorrect size and can verify our mistake in the order system, we pay the cost of shipping and will email you a return shipping label.

If you ordered the wrong size, you are responsible for shipping costs on items eligible for return. Please always include your email address when ordering so we can send a confirmation verifying what you ordered. This will eliminate any potential confusion.

You can avoid potential sizing issues if you will utilize your fit sets purchased for employees. It is important and the responsibility of new employees to try on garments to make sure they fit properly.

What if a product is damaged or becomes damaged within the first month?

ServiceWear Apparel stands behind our product. Customer Service will replace defective goods, for example, waistband splits, poor embroidery, or if an inseam comes unraveled. ServiceWear Apparel will cover the shipping cost and credit your account for the damaged product.

Address for Returns:

Workwear Outfitters
Attn: Returns (RA #)
4000 Hwy 51 North Ste. A
Covington, TN