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OMNIA 2022-2023 Pricing Changing April 1!

To Our Valued Customers: Perhaps the most significant benefit gained from working with ServiceWear is access to our guaranteed pricing. From our deep discounts and no oversize charges to our free shipping with a $100 minimum order, you can save time and money by buying your workwear and uniforms from ServiceWear Apparel. Our updated pricing, effective April 1, 2022, OMNIA 2022-2023 Pricing Changing April 1!

Uniform Inflation is Real

Take advantage of ServiceWear Apparel’s 2021 pricing until March 2022. Other companies have already increased pricing up to 15%. ServiceWear Apparel’s fixed pricing plan allows you to plan for the future without the guesswork of constant price inflations on apparel.  Now is the time to act on this significant savings! Contact us today! Contact Us

Why Use a Co-Op?

Why should your agency use cooperative purchasing for work apparel? The answer is simple – it saves you time and money. Participating in the cooperative buying power of more than 60,000 entities through OMNIA Partners, you pay less for products and it reduces administrative costs. So what differentiates ServiceWear Apparel? We offer industry leading selection and quality, Why Use a Co-Op?