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How to Get Better Fitting Workwear That Save Time and Money

Do your workwear orders often contain garments that don't fit right? Do you waste time and energy processing returns?

There is currently no true standard for workwear garment sizing. This means sizes can vary dramatically between manufacturers, and your agency ends up with workwear that don't fit well and must be returned and reordered.

Learn the simplest way to get better fitting workwear and virtually eliminate the need for returns in our free guide.

Is your department losing money while employees visit workwear stores during work hours?

The time spent away from work while employees visit a workwear store is a very real but sometimes overlooked expense. It can cost a department with 500 employees as much as $55,966 over 3 years!

Our free guide shows you how you can get better fitting workwear without having employees ever leave work.

An overview of what is included in this guide:

  • How to improve workwear order accuracy and practically eliminate returns
  • How to save thousands of dollars each year in lost productivity
  • Why you may wear a size small with one clothing manufacturer and a size medium with another
  • Why using a person's body measurements will not guarantee that a garment will fit comfortably

Most importantly, this guide will show you the single solution to getting workwear that fit right the first time, saving your agency valuable time and money. Complete the form to download the free guide now.