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2023/2024 Red Kap Catalog

Here’s to the early risers. The heavy lifters. The people who believe there’s only one way a job should be done – and that’s DONE RIGHT. We’ve been outfitting these hard workers since 1923 in everything from shirts, pants and overalls to lab coats and butcher wraps.

So, here’s to the people who do the tough jobs. The challenging jobs. The messy jobs. The bending, wisting jobs. The jobs that make you think on your feet. For those of you who take great pride in your work and the people you work alongside, we make Red Kap® for all of you. And we’ll continue, for as long as there are people who never quit, who go to work before the sun comes up and head come for dinner longafter the sun’s gone down.

ServiceWear Apparel prides itself for assisting agencies with their workwear needs. Please use the button below download the catalog and check out all that ServiceWear Apparel offers in Red Kap Workwear.

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