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To bid or not to bid…that is the question.

Tired of the hassles of putting a bid out? When you partner with ServiceWear Apparel and become an OMNIA Partners’ Member, you can fulfill bid requirements by piggy-backing off of an already vetted cooperative contract that is ready to use. Take a look:

OMNIA Partners public agency contracts are voluntary usage. You have no long-term legal obligation to use our contract if you are not 100% satisfied. By “piggybacking” off of this competitively solicited contract, you can fulfill all bid requirements and you will save significantly on time, energy, and administrative costs.

Let us show you how the cooperative path through ServiceWear Apparel is the right fit for your agency.

Speaking of the Right Fit, did you know that a regular complaint the uniform industry hears from females is having to wear men’s workwear because the styles chosen are not available in a female fit? This is why Red Kap offers garment styles designed for females in the workforce. Offering different cuts and added features for optimal comfort and performance, the women on your team will feel better in a better-fitting uniform specifically designed for them.

When you get started with ServiceWear Apparel, our Account Management team works directly with your departments throughout the entire process, including recommending garments specifically designed for women such as:

Check out ALL the garments available to women from our Women’s Workwear Catalog today!

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